Dear Supporter and Friend of the Katama Airfield:

On behalf of the Katama Airfield, I would like to sincerely thank our supporters and the Katama Airfield Trust for your dedication and loyalty to the preservation and renovation of the historic Katama Airfield.

Currently, the Katama Airfield Trust is working diligently alongside the Katama Airfield Commission and the Town of Edgartown to proceed with the replacement of the old hangar on the Airfield.  We have made significant progress towards this goal, but due to the restrictions in place related to the COVID-19 crisis, the actual construction has been put on pause most likely until September 2020.

A competitive bid for the demolition of the hangar, the site work and pouring of the foundation, and the installation of the septic system has been accepted and was inside our budget expectation. The successful bidder was E.R. Carrera, Inc.  We are excited to be working with them.  Shortly, we will publish bids for the remainder of the sub-contracted work, including the erection of the hangar and interior fit-up.

The Katama Airfield Trust has contributed towards the project by purchasing a metal hangar and hydro swing door. The Trust will gift these components to the Katama Airfield. The building is being manufactured by Chief Industries, a well-regarded hangar manufacturer, for delivery on September 15, 2020.  One of our frequent pilots, Dick Carrera, has been instrumental in securing the building for us, and we owe him many thanks.

Our goal now is to be ready to go as soon as we are given the go-ahead by the Town of Edgartown. This will likely be September 1, which will put us in good shape to receive the building on schedule, and continue through the completion of the project.

I hope this update finds you well, and look forward to seeing you all this spring at the Airfield!
Best regards,


Alyssa DaSilva
Katama Airfield Manager