New Hangar construction delays due to the pandemic.

On behalf of the Katama Airfield, I would like to sincerely thank our supporters and the Katama Airfield Trust for your dedication and loyalty to the preservation and renovation of the historic Katama Airfield. Currently, the Katama Airfield Trust is working diligently …

Katama Hangar Heads Back to Voters

Last year at town meeting, voters overwhelmingly approved $1.2 million for a new hangar at the Katama Airfield. That appropriation was in addition to some reserve funds and Community Preservation Act money for the $1.6 million plan.

VOTE “Yes” For the Katama Airfield Hangar

The trustees of the Katama Airfield Trust and the Commissioners of the Katama Airfield hereby request your consideration of voting “yes” for the replacement of the hangar at the Katama Airfield at the Town Election on April 11th.